The "Bauta" was the ancient mask hiding the identity of the nobles attending the house parties planned in the patrician palaces during the sinful Venetian Carnival.

Ca' Bauta was once the palace of the nobles called "Muazzo", ancient family of merchants from Torcello' s island and is now the elegant guesthouse in the heart of Venice, located in an area where the ancient times influence the everyday life, perfect to understand the delicate balance between light and shadows, lightness and heaviness, ground and water, which governs Venice' s rhythm since centuries.

Ca' Bauta offers its guests the possibility to take Venice by surprise while the town lives its true life, capturing the magical atmospheres and feeling the emotion of its silences during a journey between the memories and the present.

The staff, knowing the town and his rhythms, may suggest tours through the city and through the traditions and habits of the Venetians, giving the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the town and have a relaxing and entertaining stay.